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Dear Compliance Officer:

Greetings. My name is Captain Integrity. I think you should recruit me to be part of your organization's compliance team. Why? Because my lighthearted approach to compliance education makes those within your organization want to read and learn that critical information you need them to know. Simply stated, I can make compliance education fun!

That's right! With me on your team, your organization can use "compliance" and "fun" in the same sentence!

As a compliance expert, I have been specially trained to educate employees and others associated with your organization (including physicians). With me by your side, we can promote a culture of compliance for your entire organization.

How can I do this for your organization? You can use me as your compliance program's super hero.

For example, you may have tried those "Ask the Compliance Officer" or "Compliance Corner"articles in your employee newsletter. Now imagine Captain Integrity educating your constituents in a monthly picture strip where my fellow assistants will identify a compliance concern and I, Captain Integrity, will provide education on how to address the compliance concern. See the example to the right:

This is definitely an educational tool people will read!

Also, your organization can license me, Captain Integrity, as the official super hero for your compliance program. All training materials, e-mails, and other forms of communication with your constituents can have my likeness! Your constituents will have smiles on their faces when they receive items from your office with my picture. There is simply no better way to continue to encourage compliance in your organization than by using me, Captain Integrity, to continue to drive home the point that compliance is needed, without compliance being perceived as negative or from the "dark side." Because with Captain Integrity, compliance is fun!

I have included with this letter information regarding this exciting opportunity for you and your organization.

Let me help you make your program more exciting and recognizable in your organization! Contact me today by phone at 574-274-0432 or by e-mail at [email protected]. You can also see me at

I hope to hear from you soon!


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